Beautiful Friends,

The title of this blog is In Everything: Beauty. It echoes the cry of my heart, that as I look backward over my life and look ahead to the unknown, I would have the God-given sight to find in everything, Beauty.

I’m Dennika. Born on the West Coast, raised deep within the Bayou and also right here in the Bible belt where I still dwell. My beautiful single mama was the epitome of strength and faith in my eyes. But in attempting to find my own way in this world, I wrestled deeply with a giant lack of self-worth; I always wanted to be enough. It left me constantly seeking self-validation from those around me. My quest to fill loved and worthy led me on a self-destructive journey. It culminated with me becoming pregnant and unwed a year out of college. At the intersection of Afraid and Alone: God was waiting for me.  It’s the sacred  place where I gave Him my heart. I gave Him back the pen to write my new life that I so desperately needed; to write His story on my heart and through my life. Until then, I’d known about Jesus; when he met me at my darkest, I began to know Him.

That was nine years ago. Today I find myself married to James. He’s my relentlessly optimistic, always but never serious, courage giver. He’s also the most amazing adoptive  { and only} father to my {now our} gorgeous son. Maddox is bright-eyed, quick witted and deeply compassionate. His curls are to die for. He and James are a match made in Heaven.

We also now find ourselves Mom & Dad to two babies in Heaven.  We lost them both to miscarriage within our first year of marriage. Our souls have been wrecked and rebuilt through this journey. We are forever changed because of them.

Finally, we have been blessed with our beautiful amazing Elin Clare! She is 1 year full of life, wild & tender and an absolute joy! One week after her birth, I experienced a rare heart attack caused by a SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection). God keeps writing this story full of all the twists and turns– both James and I have wanted to take that pen back more than once. Our marriage has been characterized by a lot of letting go of dreams and expectations and pressing into the intimately real and broken places. But we would both tell you we are stronger and more deeply alive today as a result of it all. Alive: learning to live in the present with gratefulness and joy while walking through the broken places.

My life’s journey has been beautiful and gut-wrenching all at the same time. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this. So, in all honesty, that’s where I find the purpose of this blog: it’s a challenge to myself to seek the Lord and the beauty that He desires to bring forth in all things. To not miss the goodness of life (His Goodness): amidst the hard, grief invoking, broken, mundane, and busy that is an unavoidable part of life.

And this is my invite for others to come along, as He shows us what only He is able to make: Beauty in Everything. He’s making beauty today; from both my past and my present and it’s all for His Glory. So for anyone else wondering what God could possibly do with a whole lot of ugly: I pray that the words He gives through me will bring Hope and Confidence in a good God! And that you’d be encouraged to discover the Beautiful Life He has for you!



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