Ethnicity: A good different

I’m digging through the archives of blog drafts that I never posted, and realizing, I’m too critical of what I actually decide to publish.  I also happen to be in a personal season of letting go of my need for things to be “perfect” and just freaking showing up. Present over Perfect. So here’s my post, completely unrelated to that little ditty, one year later…

This morning Maddox figured out his ethnicity. I witnessed the light bulb coming on in his head. At the age of 7, the revelation went like this:
“Hey Mom, when I was little were my curls this long?”
“You didn’t have curls when you were a baby.”
“Were you freaked out when my hair started to curl?”
“Well no, because I kind of expected you would have curly hair.”
“Well, because, look at daddy’s hair. It is like really really little tiny curls. Most African Americans, or people with darker skin like daddy’s, have curly hair similar to that.
And look at Mommy’s hair. (Standing in front of the mirror with him in the bathroom). Most Caucasians, or people with mommy’s skin color, have straight hair or hair that feels more like Mommy’s.”

LIGHT BULB. Eyes twinkle.

“So I’m like a mix. Both black and white…. Oh yeah, because my skin is in between!”
“There aren’t many kids like me at my school…” (He says PROUDLY)  “most are either all black or all white.”
“Yep, you are really special Maddox.”
“He grins ear to ear.”

I pray he never loses this appreciation for being privileged enough to wear more than one ethnicity in God’s rainbow of colored people. I so wish we could all see ethnic differences through the eyes of children and be thankful for them. Differences period. Like my mom always said, “Variety is the spice of life.”

In all our teaching, let’s also remember to learn from our children.

Adoring my colorful family today…

Fathers Day 2016



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