Oh How He loves Us!

Yesterday was one of those moments that only a sovereign God could have designed. They don’t happen so obviously every single time, but when they do, it’s more than my heart can contain! It was one of those days in which He so sovereignly chooses to reminds of how extravagantly and perfectly He loves us. Where He chooses to, for just a moment, give us a glimpse into His much wider lens at His ability to take the smallest details and align them to remind us of just how PRESENT HE IS and how he’s working together every detail for our good, even when we can’t see it.

This time last year we were celebrating the official adoption of Maddox by my hubby. When we celebrated the following week with our first official “Pryor family vacation” at the beach, we had these pictures taken to commemorate this life changing moment in our family’s story:

IMG_0031 IMG_0032


My heart was so filled with gratitude for the Lord’s goodness in my life; I wanted the pictures to just shout that message: that everything good in us was all by His grace. When I saw this shirt, I knew it had to be the centerpiece of the pictures, because Jesus is absolutely at the center of our lives.  The message on this shirt couldn’t have better depicted all that my heart was screaming: “Jesus Saves, Bro.” I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Never had I basked in the redemptive beauty of Jesus in my very own life more. From unwed single mama with a fatherless baby boy: to married, cherished, and having been given a new name! And now my son had been given a new name too. THE FULLNESS of the LORD’S redemption has rarely shined so radically in my life, and I was seeing with my own two eyes the absolute TRUTH: that JESUS does in fact SAVE BRO, like for real.

Now fast forward to yesterday, a beautiful friend who the Lord brought into my life as a single mama, the same friend who walked with me through our years as single motherhood, then got married to her hubby the same year I got married to mine, then experienced miscarriage the same year as me, was now finally getting to experience the adoption of her three oldest kiddos by her  loving husband! Yesterday was already filling my heart with such joy, because before yesterday many a tear had been cried together and many a brave step of faith taken hand in hand with this beautiful friend. Now here it was: the culmination of it all. When we’d finally get to see the Lord’s victory and how all the moments of fear turned to faith would turn out for the good!

This same day, Riley Clay Designs, the designer of the shirt that Maddox wore in our “adoption” pictures to display our heart’s gratitude for Jesus, was announcing the winners of her “brand rep search”. The same friend I mentioned above had told me about this search only the day before  yesterday, and I’d entered the picture of Maddox shown above. Yesterday ended with an exclamation point from God, he knows all of the desires of my heart, and He’d sovereignly chosen to grant my little guy such a cool opportunity: he was chosen from thousands of entries as a brand rep for Riley Clay Designs. Y’all, I can’t begin to tell you how much the Lord just stepped into my world yesterday and said:




down to the smallest detail.


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